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Does Cox support any DOCSIS cablemodems for Ultimate (8 channel) that also have 2 telephone lines (2 RJ11 jacks)?

I don't want a gateway (no WiFi), and I would prefer something a lot newer than the 2.5 year old bulky Cisco DPQ3212, Cox's listing here, Cisco's listing here. See also Choosing the Right Cable Modem - Cox Communications. Note that the DPQ3212 is missing from the Cox Compatible Cable Modems list.

I'd prefer to have Arris/Motorola like functionality at with logs I can view myself. I have occasional issues that are easier to track myself, without having to call Cox every time.

Do you have anything newer to offer me, for my Cox Residential service with Ultimate internet package, and 2 phone lines?  I'd rather self-install, especially if it doesn't mean paying a monthly fee for the modem, but I first just want to see what you'd support besides the DPQ3212, if anything.

Thank you!

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