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Does Cox support any DOCSIS cablemodems for Ultimate (8 channel) that also have 2 telephone lines (2 RJ11 jacks)?

I don't want a gateway (no WiFi), and I would prefer something a lot newer than the 2.5 year old bulky Cisco DPQ3212, Cox's listing here, Cisco's listing here. See also Choosing the Right Cable Modem - Cox Communications. Note that the DPQ3212 is missing from the Cox Compatible Cable Modems list.

I'd prefer to have Arris/Motorola like functionality at with logs I can view myself. I have occasional issues that are easier to track myself, without having to call Cox every time.

Do you have anything newer to offer me, for my Cox Residential service with Ultimate internet package, and 2 phone lines?  I'd rather self-install, especially if it doesn't mean paying a monthly fee for the modem, but I first just want to see what you'd support besides the DPQ3212, if anything.

Thank you!

  • I found this model:

    and the slightly newer July 2012 model called the TM822A/S, seen in the specifications PDF, with user guide here.

    Any chance Cox offers this device?

  • Unfortunately Cox doesn't allow for retail phone modems. I believe the most current modem is the DPQ3212 as you cite, and is a 8x4 D3 modem capable of Ultimate speeds. I am using one right now and the only think keeping me from those speeds is my plan.

    Other then that you would need a stand alone, like the SB6183 which will be 16x8 I think, but thats a year away maybe.

  • I am in the same boat. I just want DOCSIS 3 with a phone jack.

    They don't make it easy do they? I googled every supported modem on that list to find that none of them support telephone. That was a frustrating experience.

    Am I supposed to just stumble upon a support article when there is not a supported voice modems list?

    So I chatted tech support, and they sent me the same link you provided with the 2.5 year old Cisco. Yuck.

  • Currently the DPQ3212 is the most recent eMTA modem used for customers that need a D3 eMTA. ¬†Despite any perceived age concerns it's a state of the art device fully capable of delivering all of our highest HSI offerings with it's 8x4 channel support. ¬†eMTA modems are excluded from listing on the approved modem list because they are always provided by us therefore the customer doesn't need to be bothered with the selection process.
  • Thank you all, for definitive answers, greatly appreciated!  Sure do wish I could have log viewing back someday though, so I'll be staying on the lookout for new options down the road.  Especially handy when having service outages (which have been long, overnight, lately in my area).