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Harrassing calls.

 I get daily robo calls from Comenity Bank, currently well over 100 calls.  They started Nov. 19, 2022, and continue every day, including weekends.  My number is on the FTC Do Not Call List, and I reported about the first 50 of these calls.  The first 60-70 calls had a female voice selling their services for anyone impacted by Covid 19.  Thereafter a gruff mail voice demands that I call them because they have some information that will impact me if I don't respond.  I have filed civil and criminal complaints for harrassment with the Arizona AG.  They have responded that  they will not pursue the matter.  Beside reporting to FTC on the DNC list, I have filed a formal complaint with them.  I have heard nothing from the FTC.  FTC rules strictly forbid these calls.  I have contacted by Congressman (Ciscomani) asking what agency enforces the FTC rules.  He has not responded to my request.  I have blocked the numbers they use, but they just call with a new number.  My phone states that I have no more room for blocked calls.

Am I just doomed to have this Bank call me forever?     

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