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Non-Cox home alarm stopped being able to dial out to alarm monitoring center on April 6.

Our home alarm system has worked fine with Cox phone service for over 10 years now.  But on April 6 it stopped working and started getting a failed communication error.  After various troubleshooting steps and verifying that all wiring was fine, I found the following:

1.  If I call the number the alarm system is dialing from my Cox phone line, I get a message saying that the number has been disconnected or is no longer in service.

2.  If I call the number from my cell phone, I get an answer and an immediate computer/modem tone, as expected.

I tried working with someone via Cox live chat, but had difficulty getting them to understand the situation and gave up when I was told that they couldn't/wouldn't escalate my issue because they did not find any numbers blocked on my account, so they couldn't help me.  Cox should seriously re-think their live chat personnel training, because telling a customer with a technical issue that they can't help and won't escalate does not generate a positive image in any way.  In fact, that one interaction has me already seriously considering switching service providers for phone and Internet to a different company.

Just to be certain, I contacted my alarm service provider next and verified that they have not disconnected or terminated service on any of the local alarm access numbers.  I double checked and verified that I still got a disconnected message when dialing the alarm monitoring number from the Cox phone, and that I got an answer by a computer/modem when calling from other service providers.  So, it's back to Cox to try and get this issue resolved.

I need to know how to contact someone who is competent and willing to go beyond checking my account to sort out this issue.  Since the options shown on the web site are to use the live chat, show up at a Cox store, or use the support forum, I'm trying here (I shouldn't have to spend my time and fuel to try and get someone at Cox to look into what they changed which broke my alarm system's monitoring).  It would be nice if the web site's "Contact Cox" page had a number to call for local support if needed, or at least a number for issues that the live chat people are clearly not equipped to help with.