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Time on 4 different Caller ID devices +1hour

I just noticed 11-03-2020 that the time for incoming calls are +1 hour on 4 different caller id devices.  The devices are AT&T CL4940, VTech Cordless CS 6519-2, Radio Shack Caller ID 43-3903 and Radio Shack Caller ID CID 2901.

I had a Chat window going with support yesterday and they insisted that there must be a setting in the phone to set the time zone to EST.  I replied twice that the instruction manual stated "if you subscribe to caller ID service, the day, month and time are set automatically with each incoming call.

None of the other devices have a setting or time zone.  Besides I've been using them for the entire time that I've have Cox phone service with no problems..

Cox support did run test on the phone modem while the chat window was open.  I unplugged the modem at their request and plugged it in after 25 seconds.  No help.

I was then asked to unplug all the phones and caller ID devices. More test on their end I think were done.

Cox Support called twice later asking if the time was correct.  No.  I was surfing the internet and notice the cable modem had been cycling the internet and phone lights

off and on before the call so I knew that they were looking into my problem.

Note:  Caller ID on the tv has the correct time.   Call log at cox has the correct time for all the calls.

Today 11-04-2020 all the caller ID are showing +1 hour.