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Looking for clarifications regarding Cox phone installation and service

Hi Folks,
I currently have a copper based phone line (Verizon) and want to move to Cox’s voice (phone) service (I currently use Cox for TV and Internet).  My house was built in the early 1990s and is wired with basic analog wiring common at that time, with several phone jacks spread out throughout the house.

I went to a Cox store and spoke with a rep and got info that seems odd.  So, I’m looking for some clarifications regarding Cox Voice installation and features...

1) I have my own internet modem and router and want the voice equipment to be separate. I was told that I could have a separate modem for voice and that they would issue an Arris TM3402 for that.  I want to make sure that particular model can be activated for voice only (essentially eMTA only).

2) With a separate phone (voice) modem, is there a restriction on placement other than access to power and a cable outlet (does it need to be connected to the internet modem for example)?

3)  I was told that I could not connect the voice modem to my home phone wiring by plugging the TEL port on the voice modem into one of my phone jacks. I was told that the TEL port on the voice modem must be plugged directly into a phone and that I would need to rewire my house for digital phone service if I want to use multiple jacks throughout my house.  This makes little sense to me since a phone is an analog device and so is the analog phone wiring that is in my house.  Can I connect the voice modem to one of my home’s phone jacks to enable the Cox phone service to be accessed on other phone jacks?

4) Can I change the number of rings that occur before VoiceMail picks up a call ?

5) Can Call Waiting be disabled and if it is disabled do callers get a busy signal or get sent directly to voice mail?

Thanks a bunch for any help!

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