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I would like ask why COX offers a service like NOMORBO which is impossible to set up (I have tried unsuccessfully for a whole week following instructions perfectly) No one at COX technical service has a clue how to fix and NOMOROBO helpdesk never responses to any of my message requests for help.  The failure of NOMOROBO only reflects negatively on COX TECH Support. If you cannot fix it do not offer it.

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  • Getting Nomorobo set up may not be the end of your problems. I've had it for many months, and it's a nightmare to receive calls. 1. there can be a delayed connection that lasts for up to 10 seconds or longer before the caller can hear your voice. 2. sometimes the caller will never hear you 3. sometimes your caller will only hear severely broken words from your end (you can't even get a 'call back' communicated. 4. sometimes if a person tries to call back, the call won't come through, and blocks the caller for hours.

    We get about a dozen fraud, spoofed number telemarketing or political calls every day. However, I needed to turn the service off because it became a tremendous hassle.