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Phone tools

Phone tools call history still not working since Jan 8 after repeated calls & chats to Cox. Was told this is a nationwide problem which would be resolved in 72 hours. It was escalated higher up with a ticket #. Still not working.

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  • Hi Pam613, I have confirmed that Phone Tools is recording Call History for other telephony subscribers. I'm unaware of any nationwide problem with Phone Tools. Are you accessing Phone Tools via the Cox Connect App or via a web browser ( Make sure you are logging in with your Cox Primary Username and password. If no calls are being captured in Call History, it's possible the Call History feature is inactive. To reactivate, log in to and click on the + sign next to Call History. Once activated, Call History is updated every 15 minutes. Telephone numbers for the following do not appear in Call History: Toll Free, N11 (such as 911, 411, and 511), and Remote Call Forwarding. Also, for an outgoing call to be listed in Call History, the call must be answered or go to voicemail. Calls that are unanswered will not be displayed in Call History. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator