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Only getting max download of 33 Mbps with new DOCSIS 3 Motorola SB6183 16channel modem and Premier upgrade

I had a very old DOCSIS 2 modem until recently when I received my new DOCSIS 3.0 Motorola SB6183 in the mail.

I was on Preferred Internet and would get 20-25 Mbps reliably and actually got 33 Mbps this am before changing out the modem.

I swapped the modems and called support to activate new modem - I had the rep upgrade me to Premier at that time.

I am still capping at 33 Mbps downloads and about 7 Mbps uploads despite the upgrade.

Could someone check to see if anything can be done on the COX end of things to speed up the connection?


  • Yeah, I received an email from cox hyping the need to cough up $80.00 for equipment that results in no real improvement in speed! Had I known, I would have just taken my wife out for a nice dinner with that $80.00.

    I measured my speed on AT&T web site (just google att speed test) before and after the "upgrade". There was virtually no difference. I measure both wired and wireless.

    My humble advice is, just keep the old equipment until Cox can GUARANTEE a drastic improvement in speed. The equipment itself is capable of over 300Mbps. But of course Cox does not provide anywhere NEAR that.

  • Hi Chiron, I can reset the modem from here. Please let me know when is a good time for us to do that. Sometimes the modem has to be reset a couple of times. Signal to the house looks good though.

  • now is a good time to reset the modem.

  • I just sent the signal to reset the device. Allow a couple of minutes for it to recycle, then restart any other equipment you have connecting to the device. Run another speed test from our website. It will post the results and we can review them from here.

  • did the reset and rest the apple extreme router.

    Still no improvement in download speeds.

    I have 12 channels bonded downstream according to the modem channels 49-60 with good power and SNR.

    I have 3 upstream channels bonded 1-3 with adequate power of 40.5 dBmV.

    What is next step?