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Will having all my computers on the internet slow down my Internet connection?

A lot of households have more Wi-Fi enabled devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, and more) than there are people in the home. Generally, devices can share a connection with no noticeable loss of speed, but there are some exceptions.

  • Streaming video - especially television shows and movies - takes a lot of bandwidth and may result in slowdown for other devices on your network.
  • Immersive online games with extensive graphics and audio may slow things down.
  • Downloading large files, like albums or videos from iTunes, may cause slowdown for the duration of the download.

What slows your household's connection down? Tell us in the comments!


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  •  I have the slowest speed cox has available,and i have had the same problems. I have 3 desktops, 2  wireless laptops,

    2 iphones, 2 wireless cameras, X-Box. all an the same network. Part of the problem was my desktops all wanted to do their updates at the same time... Default settings for windows.. Schedule updates at different times on each machine. This will help to eliminate using all your bandwidth at any given time. And.. as the other post said  a unsecured router or a infected machine will result in low bandwidth. if you have a router check your logs, also you can see all devices connected to your connection

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