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Forward phishing email to support

When I receive a phishing email, I like to forward that email to the appropriate support group. For example, if I receive a Wells Fargo phishing email, I like to forward it to Wells Fargo ( In many cases, Cox refuses to send the email because it says that it is a suspected phishing email. It seems to me that Cox could allow those emails to be sent if the address to which it is being sent is a legitimate reporting address. Most banks, PayPal, eBay, etc. have addresses where one can report spam or phishing emails. It is frustrating to go through the process of attempting to report spam or phishing emails just to have Cox refuse to send the message. I almost always send the email as an attachment so that all of the headers and pertinent information are recorded. How can you address this issue?


  • Hi DC, 

    I apologize for the frustration this is causing and I thank you for wanting to help us beat SPAM and phishing attacks!

    Phishing scams are basically spam. The headers must be checked to see if it originated from a Cox customer or from another ISP. If the phish originated from a Cox customer (a Cox IP), it should be sent to following the Abuse Submission Guidelines below. It can also be sent to as an attachment. Refer to: Report Abuse - Spam, Phishing, Viruses and More.

    Here are all the correct addresses and their uses: – Deals with phishing e-mail sent to our customers. Examples should be sent as an attachment to the address for the mail team. – Deals with SPAM emails sent to our customers. Examples should be sent as an attachment to the address for the mail team and our spam vendors. Spam can also be forwarded with full headers to the ISP where the spam originated. – Deals with offenses that originate on the residential network. Items must include firewall logs or full e-mail headers in text. All attachments are stripped before the automated parser even looks at the submissions.  If there's no Cox IP in the e-mail, it will be rejected.

    If the email you are attempting to report  to Cox (using the correct address and following the above referenced procedure) still gets rejected or is sent back to you, please reply to this thread and include the header and the message from the notice of rejection. We will help you figure out what is happening and get it corrected!