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Download speed fine, Upload speed is ZERO

For 2 days now I have had near zero upload speed, when I run speed tests I get anywhere from 0.01 to 0.16 Mbps.  Download speed is actually fine, ranging anywhere from 100-200 Mbps.  This is fine for streaming sports but is completely unplayable for gaming.  Please help!

Background info on things I have tried:

- 3 PCs are connected to router, all 3 have high download / low upload

- 2 PCs are wired, 3rd PC is wireless (lower download speed on this one but that is normal)

- No splitters used in set up

- changed Router password today, kicked off all phones/tablets other than 3 aforementioned PCs that we use for gaming.  No change

- have rebooted the router a bunch of times, has never improved anything

- have restarted each PC multiple times, never improved anything

- tried calling Cox, they were even worse than completely useless, basically they just aggressively tried to scam me into buying a new router from them and would absolutely not take No for an answer (even kept calling me repeatedly after I hung up)

- Everything was perfectly fine until 2 days ago, upload speeds suddenly stopped working with no obvious root cause

Someone please help because Cox is not going to do anything about it other than lie and say the only fix is to give them more money

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  • What model modem and router do you have now? Have you tried bypassing the router? 

    I have an Arris SBG6700-AC, I'm not sure how to bypass the router so haven't tried that yet (I think mine is a combined modem + router?)

    Also as an update, the problem magically went away as of waking up this morning (day 3).  This morning I'm getting download speeds ~250 Mbps and upload ~11 Mbps.  I'm still interested though in knowing how to troubleshoot the problem if it comes back...