TERRIBLE upload speeds! Major packet loss!

What in the heck is going on with the upload speeds since after hurricane Ida? I am getting less than 1.75Mbps on a consistent basis. I pay for Gigabit internet with up to 35Mbps upload. I am located in the City of Central, Louisiana (Just outside of Baton Rouge). Currently using a Netgear CM1000v2 and an Asus RT-ACRH13 router. Running tests via desktop connect via ethernet. I have tested while having the desktop connected to only the modem via ethernet as well as from modem to router to pc. Also tested via wifi on pc and phone. All tests net same result, horrible upload speeds and major packet loss! The down and up speeds are up and down and in and out. I am decently familiar with how the basics of internet work. New modem and new router. New CAT7 cables. I am also having serious packet loss! This is clearly something on Cox's end. I've been through the typical scripts with customer service and they always say they see no packet loss and no outages or issues on their end. I am inclined not to believe them. I am tired of being told to contact support only to be told everything is fine or asked to perform speed tests or reboots. If I could leave Cox for equal internet I would but there is nothing else available in the area so its this or nothing. I feel like they know that and just don't care anymore or are to tight with money to upgrade their systems to handle the influx in traffic because that is what causes packet loss, too much traffic. Can't wait for Fiber to be available here because I am gone as soon as its available. Keep trying to get a customer service agent through the live chat feature in the phone app but no one ever shows up to help me. This is only getting more frustrating each day. I've had it. I swear if the service agent responds to this message and asks me to reset my modem I'm gonna lose it! Don't ask me to send in an email to resolve this either! I've seen that seems to be the common response to most people's questions and comments on this forum. What is the point of the forum if I have to re-write everything and send it in an email when its already on the forum!? All I see on these forums is a massive amount of customer complaints about the same issues. SLOW speeds and no solutions to the overwhelming number of customers begging for upgrades to the Cox infrastructure. Cox, do something! Upgrade the networks to handle more traffic. Fix the problems. We are all being charged for service we aren't getting. That is how class action lawsuits start! 

I want a technician to come to my residence to see if anything is wrong with the lines coming into the building but I'm told they want to charge me $75! How is that ok? You can't charge someone for a problem in which you are responsible for Cox. 

When I use a packet loss tester and setup the test up to run as it would when playing a first person shooter I get this result... 43% packet loss!? THAT is insane! Before you ask, YES I tested my modem and router for packet loss. 0% packet loss when done independently on my end. This is so obviously on Cox's end but no one there wants to admit it. I could go on forever! 

My speedtest results:

I expect absolutely nothing to come of this post. Shouldn't that say it all?

-One very dissatisfied customer