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New Modem for Premier 200 User


I've Premier 200 account.  Modem Arris SB6141, DOCSIS 3.0, 16x4 or 16x8 channels, 4 years old approximately.  Router Orbi RBR20, new in May.  2 level house.  I get 200 mbps, sometimes lower.  Lately really slow.  WFH through VPN, I get dropped periodically 2x/day.  Before using RBR20, I was on Netgear Nighthawk router and got dropped 10-12x/day.  So, big improvement.   Do I need a new modem?  If so, do I need DOCSIS 3.1 or stay with DOCSIS 3.0?  Thinking Arris or Motorola modem, if need to buy one. 

Also, what's Premier 200?  It doesn't fit the current Internet plans (Preferred 150, Ultimate... etc).

Thank you.

  • Arris SB6141 has 8 upstream and 4 downstream channels.  I've never heard of a Premier 200 plan; however, if there is a 200 Mbps plan, this modem with its gigabit port is fine.

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