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Severe Packet Loss - Noise issues

For the last several months, we've had techs come out to the property to address packet loss. We've moved the modem, replaced our router and modem several times, and replaced some connections outside the home. The issue is still there, and I am unable to play games like Counterstrike without rubber-banding crazily. 

The last time a tech came out, he stated that it's "unlikely" maintenance will come out to address the issue, because it seems "fine" on their end. It's clearly not fine. He mentioned that we are at the very end of our neighborhood, and it's possible that there's noise, causing issues with bandwidth. 

This is a consistent issue. When running a ping test, the time (ms) is consistently between 14ms-50ms, but shoots up as high as 492ms. I've tested a wired connection on both my PC and laptop, and the results have been the same.

This has been incredibly frustrating, and the tech visits have been endless. What are we even paying for? 

Edit: Any advice would be helpful. The last thing the tech on the property said before he left was, "to keep calling us until it's fixed".

My last resort is to switch providers.