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To use the HBO GO and the other online video services, we have to use the primary user name and password which is the same one as this email account. The problem is ...... everyone in the family has to use the primary user name and password giving them access to this web mail account also. This would be a problem if the user name and password were used somewhere outside our home.. Do you have any solutions for that?

Teresa Shelander

  • Basically, everyone uses the primary user name to use the" on the go" video streaming services ... and I don't want anyone being able to access the primary email... Is there a solution?

  • No, I do not think so. There are several probable reasons why. One, HBO probably only wants one user using HBO Go at a time. And depending on how you read the ToS, they only want the account owner to be using it. Already a lot of people share their username/passwords with friends who don't have HBO so they can watch it. HBO could even check the IP of where people are signing in and block people from signing in and out of state at the same time. That may be more trouble then it's worth for HBO, but I mention it because  they really don't have any motivation to increase the userbase. See more info here.

    Second, Cox had to tie the access to the account, not the email. Thats to let people watch it that maybe don't have Cox internet. 

  • What I have found works best for me is to use my primary username only for HBO Go and other Apps and create a different login for my emails. Cox allows up to 10 email address. This may not completely stop people who has your login from being able to access your email and account, but it would not make it as easy. Remember to keep your password safe, secret and only login on trusted devices (free of mal-ware). Hope this helps!