3rd time in two days my Cox down due to outages.

3rd time in two days my entire Cox services are down due to outages. Can you please get this fixed so it stops happening?!? I'm not able to work most of the day due to this. Sitting in chat for over an hour with an incompetent person, begging her to report an outage in my area because I have already set my modern three times and i have no dial tone on my phone and my cable box is completely frozen. No she has to send out a tech, oh and it's likely going to cost me $75 to do so (I've had line backer for almost twenty years now). I agreed because I'm just fed up at this point and trying not to throw my phone across the room because she won't listen to me. She's reset my modem and the cable box twice, didn't work...duh.

She then proceeds to tell me I'm currently in an outage area.  Well look, problem solved, wait...I TOLD HER THAT AN HOUR AGO!

 Fast forward to today, I'm currently in ANOTHER outage. That's 3, in TWO DAYS, that last for over 6 hours.