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Preferred internet speed increase 2019

Recent notice in bill indicated Preferred had been increased to 150 Mbps down and that modem reset was all that was needed.

Many power down resets later and still only getting low 90’s Mbps down and low 9’s up same as previous. Called tech support and chances made to account and reset from they’re end, was told it should work later after system update was complete. Day later and several modem reboots later still same low 90’s Mbps. All tests have been on wired connection to PC, not a WIFI connection.

Wondering if there’s something I’m missing on my end?


Arris Surfboard SB6141 modem. (literature indicates 343 Mbps max)

Netgear61 mod. WNDR3400v3 router (rated 300 Mbps)

Ethernet cat.5e wires

Modem signal - signal to noise 37-38 dB all 8 down channels

  • power level -8 to -9 dBmV all 8 down channels
  • Up power level 50 to 52 dBmV all 4 up channels

Things tried:

(Eliminated router) Straight wired connection from modem to PC reboot of both, no change.

Redid all connections and modem reboot, no change.


Anybody have idea what might be wrong or am I just one of unlucky ones that doesn’t get the increase?