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Can't send email to other Cox accounts

Since 4/24 I cannot send emails to other Cox email accounts from my IMAC desktop or my Ipad.  The ports are all correctly set and nothing has changed in my setup.  I can send and receive to anyone, but my emails to other Cox email accounts don't appear in their inboxes. One recipient had them in spam and another just doesn't have them appear at all, even on the Cox webmail page.   They appear in my sent mail and nothing is being held in an outbox.  I don't get any error messages and no mail has bounced back as undeliverable.  I receive emails from other Cox customers but they don't get mine unless I send them from the Cox site.  What is stopping delivery of my emails to Cox accounts?

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  • I am experiencing the same issue, which started some time earlier in the month of April 2019:  I am unable to send email from one Cox account to another Cox account when the mail originates from the Outlook app (or any of the accounts to themselves).  If I originate the mails from Cox Webmail, I can send mail to my other accounts (and to themselves), and I will see the incoming email in the Outlook app Inbox for the respective account. Thinking this is some kind of breakdown between the Outlook app and Cox mail, I tried setting up an IMAP account in the Outlook app, but same issue -- cannot self test or send mail to other Cox accounts if I originate in Outlook.  Changing to IMAP changes the incoming server, and the issue appears to be in the outbound (SMTP) path between the Outlook app and Cox.

    All other email traffic to and from any address that is not seems to work.

    I have three mail accounts associated with my cable account.  All PCs are Microsoft running Outlook 2013, using POP3 accounts set up per latest Cox directive.  I just set up an IMAP duplicate for one of these in my Outlook app to see if the issue was POP3 related, but as I said, no improvement.

    Not a critical issue, but is an enormous pain when I want to forward stuff to my wife, etc.  Is this some kind of change in Cox security protocol??  Ideas please!!