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Moving Emai address

I'm a LONG time Cox customer. So long, in fact, that my email address is my three initials, like "". As you can imagine I want to keep it. I recently moved to a new Cox account, my Ex is still on the original account. I asked Cox to move/associate my email address (the three letter one} to the new account. They replied "No, can't do it.", "Software is too old, can't do it", "it like moving property, can't do it." WTF! Is this for real? 

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  • Is the old account with the Cox email still active? If not, it should be as easy as you AND your friend calling Technical Support and asking them to transfer the email. As long as both of you can verify the account and the to be transferred account isn't a admin (first one on the account) shouldn't be a problem. You may have to talk to Tier 2 if Tier 1 can't do it anymore.

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