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VPN compatability with COX Panoramic modem/router

I recently became a new Cox customer and installed their Silver service using a gigabit Panoramic modem/router. Before becoming a Cox customer I had IPvanish VPN installed on my system. When I turned on my VPN my speed went from over 300 mbs to less than 20 mbs on both the wire and the WiFi. Clearly a major compatability problem and I had to discontinue my VPN service. I still want the protectection a VPN can give me. Is there anyway or a VPN product that will work with my set up?

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  • "No logs" is an elusive term.  There are different types of logs and different types of devices logging.  There will always be a digital trail on a provider's network.  Even ExpressVPN maintains session logs for an unspecified time.

    It shouldn't be about logs but the location of the logs.  That's why US-based companies have off-shore servers:  to protect logs from court orders.

    If you're just protecting your banking info, yes, speed servers in the US would help.  If you're doing naughty-boy stuff, look for fast servers off-shore.  Encryption should be a factor.  I've read some providers encrypting at 2048-bit.  That's insane encryption compared to our WiFi protocols.

    Almost every review recommends either NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

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