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Update of my previous post of not liking the way spam was not being stopped by Cox

I just wanted to update my previous posts when I was so discouraged by the amount of spam so many of us were receiving for several months. I have been so extremely happy to have not received any spam for the past 2 weeks or maybe a tad longer. Thank you to Cox for listening to those of us who were not happy with the spam prior to this and for making your email program much better--like it used to be. (Chase)

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  • I duplicated this traceroute, and my results also show a slight increase in latency at (your hop 5). However, this is normal ICPM deprioritization. Your trace hits the Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers at hop 6, and the timeouts after this point are to be expected. Not all Amazon Web Services servers return ping requests; they block ICMP packets for network security reasons. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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