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Xbox one slow upload speed

So everything in my home ( cell phones, laptop etc)  gets awesome speeds, except for my 2 xbox 1s' .  Anyone else having this issue?

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  • Then what is the problem BeckyAll others systems like computers and phones do not require port 80 to be open. There are tons of other ports other than 80. However port 80 is one of seven specific for Xbox live. Port 80 was supposedly closed due to possible cyber attacks yet is still accessible for business accounts. My contract with cox states “in so many words” that all of my systems connected to your network will be provided the speeds I pay for! False advertisement for 2 months now wouldn’t you say? Btw: 8 other Xbox gamers with cox that I know text me last night and today with the exact same problem. I have spent hour and hours and hours on the phone with your people with no results. Why can you not help me resolve this?