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Experiencing slow upload speed

The last week and a half or so I've been experiencing slow upload speeds (10-17 Mbps). I normally get 29-33 all day long, my plan is a 300/30. Feels like my upload speed is being throttled. My download speeds are roughly in the low to mid 200's (Docsis 3.0 modem)  Doesn't matter what part of the day I've tried to run speed tests to verify it hasn't made a difference. Having my modem plugged directly into any of my computers via ethernet vs through a router doesn't make a difference either. Here is signal for my modem DPQ3212

  Power Level: Signal to Noise Ratio:
Channel 1: -2.1 dBmV 39.4 dB
Channel 2: -2.7 dBmV 39.2 dB
Channel 3: -1.9 dBmV 39.1 dB
Channel 4: -2.6 dBmV 39.1 dB
Channel 5: -2.4 dBmV 39.5 dB
Channel 6: -2.4 dBmV 38.6 dB
Channel 7: -2.3 dBmV 38.5 dB
Channel 8: -2.5 dBmV 37.5 dB

  Power Level:
Channel 1: 44.5 dBmV
Channel 2: 44.5 dBmV
Channel 3: 45.0 dBmV
Channel 4: 45.8 dBmV
  • I live in OK. I will contact cox and see if I'm eligible for a free upgrade. They sold me this modem when I got their ultimate package of 200/20 a few years ago. Strange that this modem doesn't support past 100/10. 

    I'm not sure what the signals were before I encountered this issue. Is there a way to change my upload channels that might be possibly congested?

    Thank you for helping me out with this issue, I really appreciate it.

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