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Severe Packet Loss (Upload)

Hello, I have been a Cox Customer for 17 years and a few years ago I started having very bad packet loss issues. I have spent hundreds of hours trying to fix this issue but it still happens even years later. I am only receiving packet loss (upload), 0% download packet loss. I am receiving low ping (for the most part) (30-40ms) and high packet loss (10-120%) in games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, Rocket league and more. It is happening on my PC & PS4. Here is a list of stuff I tried to fix the issue -

- Replaced router twice

- Replaced modem

- Plugged directly in through Ethernet, getting perfect speeds (100/10)

- 2 Cox Techs came out and replaced my line but nothing changed. Tested, and said I had 0% packet loss but I am still receiving it?

- Called cox multiple times and no help was provided.

- Done a lot of online research, and tried changing in-game settings to help it but nothing changed. Only thing that slightly helps is if I set my FPS to 30, but I can't play with that considering I use a 144hz monitor.

This is 100% a Cox issue as I used a TMobile hotspot and received 0% packet loss so it can't be anything on my end.

Please help, I don't know what else to do! Thank you!

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  • Is it possible my router has a Puma 6 CPU?

    Nope. As per the wiki, it uses the Broadcom BCM4709A0. The SB6183 uses the Broadcom  BCM33843D. However if you want to be sure, bypass the router, power cycyle the modem and test again. Even if it doesn't have the PUMA 6 CPU, it could still have TCP issues that the test tests for. 

    Or is that normal, because I don't understand why it doesn't directly connect to Oregon.

    It's normalish? Hard to say what is normal in your area without "good" tracert to compare it to. However I doubt you will see your issue on a tracert TO the server. What you need is a looking glass (a ping/tracert server on Amazon's side) to tracert BACK from them to your public IP. This will show their downstream route, which is your upstream. Maybe I have the exact semantic backwards, but point is does Epic Games have a looking glass? Looking at the trace when on cellular, your latency is at-least 100ms worst. However it does show you goes through Zayo instead of Cox's direct Amazon peering.