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Google Home Mini No Longer Connecting

I recently rebooted my Cox Panoramic router and ever since none of my five Google Home Minis will connect.  I have spoken to Google Support three times and reset each device.  Google says everything looks good on their end.  They will connect to wi-fi for a moment and then disconnect.  Could it have to do with the 2G vs 5G?  Any ideas how to fix this?  Thank you.

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  • Why did you reboot?  Did you change a setting within Panoramic requiring a reboot?  Are the Minis assigned to a profile in Panoramic?

    Are your 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands assigned to 1 network?  Meaning, how many wireless networks does your Panoramic broadcast...1 for the 2 GHz and 1 for the 5 GHz?

    I'm not familiar with how the Minis work, but do the Minis connect to an intermediary device, such as a Mini hub, computer or smart device?

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