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Homelife App (Apple)

I have not been able to connect to the cameras on my Apple phone for the past couple months I will randomly get a camera to show up but most  of the time it just says connecting but never does.  I have tried everything even switching out equipment but I was told yesterday that it is probably the App since its not supported with the current IOS version from Apple and they said there is a new version of the Homelife App that will be released that should fix that issue.  Is this True and is there a time frame on when the App might be released?  If this is a true statement there must be a lot of people having the same problem that I am. 

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  • Hi Vanbodegon and EBF, we don't have any information about the next Cox Homelife mobile app update. What iOS version are you using? If I understand your issue correctly, you are unable to access your camera's live video feed. Do you have any camera-related rules set up to save video or images when certain events happen? If so, are you able to view those files? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator