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5 years ago

YouTube APP on Contour 2 -- several issues.

Hopefully Cox Techs can pass on this report to YouTube so they can make a better APP or improve on it.

Here are my first three bug reports and also wishlist features:

1) Fast FWD long YouTube videos:

When attempting to Fast FWD or RWD long YouTube Videos (like those that are like a few hours long), it would be a great feature that as we keep pressing the forward or rewind buttons on the remote control, that the speed of those functions can speed up and take us where we need to be in a short time. 

For example, you start a 4 hr YouTube video, but want to watch like the last hour of the video, well that's going to take a while to reach there with the current YouTube APP on Contour 2.

So that needs improvement.

2) Rewinding a YouTube Video Glitch:

I've noticed that when we want to preview a few seconds back of what we are watching (like those that love watching Tutorials).  That when we rewind it, the video tends to start glitching and stuttering over the parts we've already watched.  It becomes unbearable that we have to exit the video and then start it over.  I really hate that.

So that needs improvement.

3) When Pausing a Video on YouTube:

It would be helpful that when we pause a video on YouTube that it would not show the information of the next video or the Play button or other videos we can watch underneath (the lower part of the screen).  Instead it should simply pause the video, so we can view the entire video in full screen in a paused mode.  My workaround is that I have to press the UP button on my remote control so it shows the paused video full.  But having to do this each time is a pain the rear.

Maybe have it as a user stetting that we can adjust how the pause issue is done -- plus also beneficial that when we rewind a video it stays in full screen mode.  This is especially beneficial when watching a YouTube video and we want to see the settings or focus on a certain thing on the screen.

So far that is it for now, hopefully these can be improved on the YouTube app for Contour 2.

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    @rexx Hi Rexx, thank you so much for providing this valuable feedback, and I have submitted this to our Contour 2 Guide Enhancement Team for review. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator