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4 years ago

You Tube Video(s) Fail

I have a Sony Bravia Smart TV.  With my Cox Contour2 Remote, I access You Tube daily and view its videos. This has been perfect until today.   I can still access the You Tube app either by clicking on the app or using voice control on my remote.  I can still see all the offered videos, but when I click on them, they won't come up.   I just get a black screen and at bottom right it shows 0:0 for minutes.  I had to access You Tube through my Sony Bravia Smart TV remote.   It works fine that way, but  I prefer using my Cox Remote, as I always have until today, and wonder why You Tube video access suddenly stopped using the Contour Remote.    I rebooted  I cleared You Tube history.  No luck.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Hi @TVAddict
    I know how important it is for you to be able to use the YouTube app on your Contour box. Try to do a 'System Refresh' by pressing the Triangle-shaped 'A' Button on your Contour remote. Once your system refreshes let us know if it works.

    Ben S.
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