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Same old story. Why is Cox intentionally burying this issue. All forum discussions with this topic get closed by Cox with no resolution. This is class action lawsuits stuff. Cox advertises a channel lineup it NEVER provides. Several channels kick this error code including FS1 and FS2. Cox is misrepresenting it's product. This is a Cox issue not an individual issue or a local user issue. This is why Cox service is the worst among all major cable companies, because they do not care about providing the product they advertise.

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  • Chimchim1959, is this error appearing when you try to tune to FS1 (the problem you mention in your other thread at If your threads are related I'd like to combine the threads so your details are all in the same place. 03059 can be a tuner issue, which would require your box be replaced. I'd love to be able to view your box diagnostics while tuned to the channel generating the error. -ColleenD -Cox Support Forums Moderator

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      This is a power level issue. Cox Contour install adds a "security" device that adds significant attenuation. You need to adjust cable plant or power levels.