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    Kind of a throwaway line at the bottom.

    Comcast stated: "...we do not believe this issue was ever used against any Comcast customer."

    How would Comcast know?

    As per the article, the fix for the XR11 is patch v1.1.4.0.  When I look under the Remote Settings of Contour, my XR11 firmware is v1.1.4.1.  I wonder if there is a difference?

    If you're concerned, disable the Voice Control feature under Remote Settings until Cox either provides a status or resolves the vulnerability.

    "Functionality is the enemy of security."

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      Version should be newer than .0 and include everything that .0 did. 

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        I'd assume but if Cox codes their own firmware for Contour, it may be different.  Besides, this firmware,, seems to have been the only version since I set up this box over a year ago.  This vulnerability was published 2 days ago.

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    Hello all, I have confirmed that our current firmware is not susceptible to this vulnerability.