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4 years ago

Wont record

When trying to record get a red circle with a line through indicating NO - nothing shows up in scheduled recording even though I have multiple shows scheduled. Restarted and refreshed system - nothing changed. Thoughts?

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    My DVR will not record my normally scheduled recordings. Won't even record in the moment. Red circle with line through it. Have restarted my contour box and nothing.

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      Hi Lexilou. Please try now. If this continues to happen, you may need a service call. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • Is this happening on any recording, a particular series, or a single channel? What Network and channel number is presenting the issue not being able to record?

    Cox Forum Support Moderator
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      I'm having the same issue. Two days ago, I noticed my DVR wouldn't allow me to set anything to record. Today, it showed all of my set to record shows marked as cancelled and it won't allow me to record anything. I have a service ticket in with a 48 hour wait since two different Cox representatives had no idea what the issue is or how to fix it. Clearly it is something on their end and not the equipment since others are experiencing the same kind of thing. It would be nice to speak to someone that knows what is happening and how to fix it.

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        Hello, LokiMa.

        I see you have a ticket open for investigation with our video administrators. We are reaching out to our network operations team to see if there is an identified issue since the couple of reports here in forums is the first our team has heard of the problem. We'll follow up with you here when we get a response to our inquiry. In the meantime, the ticket you already have open is probably the best course of action at the moment. Have you already tried reprogramming recordings that aren't working? -Colleen
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    I had this trouble also. I called tech support and was asked to press 1 to try a remote reboot. This fixed the problem.  Trying to reboot on my own didn’t help. I didn’t even have to speak to a rep when I called.