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4 years ago

why is Cox no longer airing content from Get TV?

This week Cox stopped airing content from Get TV (Channel 675 in Topeka, KS) and started airing a channel called Dabl. I don't remember seeing any notice that this was coming. Why did this happen? I watched this channel every day and, for the record, I will not be watching this new channel.

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      Sharon, that link doesn't work as is.  You need to edit your post to remove the end of sentence period from the link address.

      To use it in the meantime:

      Hover over it > right click > select "Copy link address" from  the menu > open a new browser tab > paste into the address bar > remove trailing period "." 

      Having done that, I don't find "Get TV" either.

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        Thanks, I have edited to the proper link.

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    those are local sub channels not cable networks  you need to check who airs it  in your area nothing to do with cox

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      Yes, you're correct.  OP needs to search through the program grid to find the channel.  But he knew the channel, so it may have been dropped in his market.