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2 years ago

Why has there been no sound for NEWSMAX in days? Is this a form of Cox Cable censorship???

There has been no sound for NEWSMAX in days. I have to use CC. Is this a form of Cox Cable censorship???

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    This is only on one channel?  Is there audio on its adjacent channels?  Are you listening through the TV speakers?  SAP?

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      I live in Fairfax, VA and have sound on Newsmax. Where do you live? Maybe local censorship. Calif, Washington, Oregon, NYC, etc?

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        Why are we assuming censorship? Sounds more like a local technical glitch.

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    My channel 37 which is Fox News has been muted.  It’s the only channel with no sound.  Also, all of my movie channels have been changed to Spanish language.

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      Sounds like SAP got turned on, turn it off, you should be in english. Is Fox MUTED, or simply no sound?Do you have any other tv's to test with? Have you tried replacing the cable wire, (Each channels is on it's own frequency), and reboot the cable box and then test?