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7 years ago

Why does FS1 never work?

FS1 almost never comes in. Latest was the non-availability of Worldcup soccor. Its not like its the worlds most popular sporting event, oh hold it, IT IS THE WORLDS MOST POPULAR SPORTING EVENT and cox can't get that channel to work, EVER. Why does Cox advertise so many TV channels that just DO NOT WORK? FS1 is just the one I most frequently like to TRY to watch. Many other "off the beaten path" channels also don't work. It seems to be a number around 5% of the channels will not come in at any given time. I know there is no given Service Level Agreement, but Cox service is terrible.

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  • Hi Chimchim1959. I apologize that you are having issues with this and other channels. Have you power-cycled your cable box and also checked to make sure the coax cable was tight. We can help you. Please email us your complete address and name on the account to along with the information regarding what errors you are getting on which channels and we will be glad to get your issue resolved. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator