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4 years ago

Why did Cox remove program listings from the web?

Gone!  Another downgrade to justify the atmospheric price increases!! Try to get listings and all you get is attempts to up-sell other services.  Can ANYBODY please break this abusive monopoly?!?!?!

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  • Hello wmcole,

    Effective November 10th the TV Listings on has been retired. Thank you for your feedback and I appreciate needing to view or search content. Cox continues to invest in our products and there is an available guide through our digital receivers and Contour App.

    Cox Forum Support Moderator
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      I have the app on my iPhone but every time I log on I get a we are experiencing technical difficulties try again later message.  This is going on for two weeks.  I’ve never been able to connect. 

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        @Walzar, You should be able to access the guide with the Contour app by going to the dropdown menu and selecting All Channels. This should bring the guide up for you. If that does not work, I recommend resetting and/or reinstalling the app. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.