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6 years ago

WHY Can't we purchase our own Set top SMART Boxes with DVR functions instead of the OFFENSIVE and OVERPRICED RENTAL of DUMB Boxes with NO DVR Function per TV from cox?

WHY Can't we purchase a set box (INSTEAD of that offensive RENTAL that COX keeps charging month by month -- and now once again RAISING the prices on) that combines both the Tuner and DVD Recording functions that will work with cox instead? I'd rather pay up front one time charge .. instead of WASTING my hard-earned income on RENTING This absolutely DUMB BOX That does NOTHING at all. THIS is especially frustrating with other providers not requiring this kind of 1960s money-grabbing low tech and charging us forever for out of date units. (And yes, it offends me that this was added when just running the cable itself into our smart TVs was sufficient). I am SICK And TIRED of COX overcharges (and yes, I NOTICED Another massive increase in the current bill .. THAT is offensive too given how bad the customer service and service is ..)

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    Cox and the other cable companies follow the ol' Ma Bell business-model with set-top boxes:  you will only use the rotary phone we give you...and you will pay a monthly rental-fee to use it.

    The rental fee for set-top boxes is a scam and it's boldly overpriced for such inferior technology.  As in 1983, the FCC ended Ma Bell's racket with rental phones and they'd have to do it again with cable boxes.

    The FCC Chair, however, is a political appointee...politicians need money to campaign...and cable companies contribute to campaigns.  What could ever get done?

    Obama through Executive Order 13725 (Steps to Increase Competition...) and his appointee (Tom Wheeler) initiated a plan to liberate us from the mandatory fees and to open set-top boxes to other technology competitors, such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc.  Politics...what politics?

    However, you have to question Obama's sincerity.  He waited until the final 8 months of his presidency to protect us and then Tom Wheeler abruptly cancelled the vote with 3 months left on his term.  It was just a rouse to bilk more money from the cable companies and into the coffers of the DNC.  Nobody cares.

    The only way to elude the rental fee is to stream your TV but cable companies are retaliating with data caps.  Help us, Donald Trump!

  • Hi Sglmom. You can purchase Tivo, which is a set-top box and some of them have DVR functionality. We provide the cable cards for rent that will be installed in these boxes for your cable service. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      I am NOT interested in RENTING anything from cox (including the cards .. it's the same MA Bell approach as those dumb boxes). .. that's what I WANT To avoid here!  I am sick and tired of your fees increasing at a rate that is 5-6-more times the CPI .. and that is annually ...