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2 years ago

Why are these Contour box updates so long?

Hello.   For the last week or two these updates to my cable box have lasted more than 30 minutes when you "claim" that is only 5 minutes long.  The one this morning is still going at 45 minutes.   I guess that is why the default time setting on it was around 4 in the morning so nobody will notice how slow it is.    I changed to 6 but I am sure that it was messing with some of my DVR records.   That was a huge mistake apparently.  What is going on here

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    I guess it's just a slow process.  I'd think if the default time is 4 AM, 4 AM would be a much slower process than a customized time at 6 AM.  Schedule updates at 2 AM to get a jump on it ahead of others.