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5 years ago

Why are all my dvr recordings gone?

All the shows and movies I’ve recorded over the last year just disappeared! My husband came home excited to watch a movie we recorded and now there is only 1 minute 32 seconds left of it! We were only at 80% recording compacity. What gives?

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    have you recorded other, more recent items? they'll replace what's already saved.

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    Me, too, Doosieball1.  About 8 hours ago, my DVR was about 73% full.  Now it's 8% full.  I've gone through the reboot process but it didn't help.  I got on a live chat and some fool told me because of the equipment I have, none of the content can be retrieved and suggested I just re-record all the missing programs.  I replied that I CAN'T "just re-record" most of them because they're no longer available!!!  Besides that, it wasn't MY equipment, it was the obviously defective equipment COX provided to me.  I'm going to a COX store in the morning and raise holy hell.  I may not get any satisfaction, but at least I'll get a chance to vent.  For the outrageous price I pay every month for COX service (including DVR), they should at least provide functioning equipment.  Doosieball1 - Did you ever get a more reasonable explanation than I got?

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      JW33, it would be helpful to know if the issue that caused the loss of your recorded programming was software or hardware related.  You'll probably never know for sure, but if it's a hardware issue, it might happen again if you keep the same receiver.   

      The live chat person was probably saying you won't be able to recover your lost, recorded programming because your DVR stores content on the local, receiver hard drive rather than a cloud network.  The best you'll be able to do is start checking on the availability of your lost programs On Demand and the Contour website.  Make note of episode expiration dates and watch programs with the earliest expiration first, checking them off your list as you go.  It will take some effort and will take longer to watch programs without fast forward, but you should be able to watch a lot of the programming that you lost.  And, don't networks still re-run programs after the season ends?  It might actually be possible to re-record some of it.  That might take a while though, so just set your "Series Manager" option to record "First run & repeats" for the programs you aren't able to catch up on with On Demand and the Contour website. 

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    Same just happened to me about 2 hrs ago.  Over a years worth of recordings gone and what was left behind makes no rhyme or reason.  Even stuff that recorded today are missing.   Had shows that recorded from 11pm and ended at 5 a.m. and there was only 32sec of the last show..  But a movie I recorded 1/26/19 is still there.

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      If you have contour 2 can you check the second delete pin to see if it's stored there? = JJ