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7 years ago

Where is ID Discovery?

ID Discovery is missing today.  Channel 150 which is supposed to be ID Discovery is showing ION (normally channel 15).  Has it been dropped for some reason??

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  • No changes have been made with this channel as far as I can tell, it sounds like we may be broadcasting the wrong channel on 150. I saw some previous reports with this same information but haven't seen anything this afternoon. Is this still happening on your end?

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      Yes ION channel is on both channel 15 and 150.  I did find ID Discovery on channel 1150 though!

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        Did you find ION on channel 1015? You can also unplug the power to your cable box, wait for 30 seconds and plug it back in. When the time comes back, you can check the guide again. We did maintenance overnight so when you tune to a channel, if there is an HD version of it, it should automatically tune to that channel, which is in the 1000s. Please let us know if this doesn't help. Thanks and have a great evening, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I spent time today via Chat about this issue. It looks to be some typo by someone at Cox for what they loaded on Channel 150, Discovery ID and ION, Channel 15. It is a logical thing just being a lay person on how this could have happened.  As I suggested earlier, someone should just check that. I pay a lot of money to Cox just to be able to watch tv. DIscovery ID is one of the main channels that I watch daily. Please correct it. It doesn't appear to be a hard thing to do, and for that matter why did it even happen?? Use logic and repair it.

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        I have seen a few other reports of this and added your report as well while we continue to investigate further.