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Well this has been a frustrating and disappointing more than a month with Cox

Well the problem started about a month and a half ago.   One of my channels a cable feed channel and not a TV off air channel would go out, not only would it go out in on the TVs, (Contour 6), it would go out on "Watch TV" from my Cox Internet.  It was the only channel on the whole system that would be out.  I would call tell them there was a problem with the feed at the head end,   They would reset my TV and it still would be out.  They say that they would notify their technical team.  It would come back but then go out again.  I would call and we would go through the whole routine again.  Some time it would go out for hours some time come back withing 15 to 30 minutes of reporting it.  The topper was this weekend where it went out Sunday evening late when I went to watch it.  I checked it a number of times over the next few hours and also the next morning it was still out.  During that time I called a couple of times to ask if they have found what was wrong.  It came back Monday morning about 9 AM.  But it went down in the evening before I went to watch it.  I called we went thought the whole routine and it was still down.   This time they scheduled a service tech to come out.  I really wanted someone to come out and see it while it was down but they said there was no one available.  I just wanted a live person to SEE the problem.  So Tuesday morning it was still down and I thought I might get lucky and it would be out when the service guy shows up but it came back sometime after 8 AM.

Now the service person shows up in the late afternoon.  He did not seem to quite understand what the problem was because all the channels were working.  He goes down to check the outside box connection comes back in a while with a new TV Modem and hooks it up.  I asked if he found anything outside and he said that the line from the street was on the wrong leg of the filter.   I'm surprised and confused because the last service person who came over about a couple of months ago said the filter was not set up right and moved the connections around and also changed one length of cable he said that was bad.  So the current guy starts to set the box up and he can not get it working.  20 minutes in it won't register and initiate.  Now he is on the phone to his support people.  So he says I got to put a bigger box it, it may not fit in the space where I have it now.  But I moved some stuff around and the box fit.  15 minutes later or so the box has registered and initiated and everything looks like a go and the hour and a half service call is over.   All the channels seem to be working.

Well that would be the end to the story but there is an addendum.   I get an email that quotes my monthly billing charge but also says there would be a $100.00 additional charge for a professional setup service call.  Huh?  First of all it was a Cox issue that caused my problem.   Also I have Complete Care which covers these service calls unless of course I am having new service installed.   So I call the billing department.  I get someone who does not quite get why I am calling and wants to look up information on my setup and my service call and everything else under the sun.   And she can't find this and can't find that and can't connect here and can't connect there.   A number of times I ask what is going on and get the "just a minute" I'll have it answer.  Now I'm getting frustrated because I do have other things that I need to do before end of day.  After about 45 minuets of waiting and checking with her I said, "look if you can't figure this out maybe I need to talk to your supervisor."  Silence...   About a 30 seconds later she said I am filling out a $100.00 Credit Slip for you now.  Wow, 45 minutes plus for what should have been a 5 minute call.  We part ways and I'm done, i hope.   Time will tell if the problem is fixed.

I'm exhausted, I need a nap.  

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    So do we after reading your diatribe. The Cox forums are for users to assist each other with technical issues, not a place to post a rant. 

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    This is where a channel issue form comes in handy. I wish they still had RTOC or some other department that would handle such things.