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Contributor now seems to be working for missing Sound on various stations. Could we get some details on what went wrong and what the fix was on the COX side? Cell App side was also affected.

Selected stations were reported by many users on Browser sides and on the cell APP.  This problem seems to have happened only in selected markets and grids.  Not everyone experienced this issue.  Was very confusing to those that worked and those that didn't.  Cox indicated that there was at least one ticket opened:as CUI000008292144.  It would be great if COX could expand or give a explanation to the many users that spent hours testing and looking for solutions and frustrated with the lack of support. 

The slider, SAP/S was the short term Fix that was offered. The Video Description slider also worked at times too.   I also checked Mozilla, Chrome, and Edge...all NOW WORK on selected channels.  Why did only a few stations work?  Why did TVGo work?  Why only certain markets and not all worked.  Looks like the TV and Cell App was affected....any other?

It would be nice if Cox could share some good news detail instead of one liners, or tell you to send an help email.  Please share your solutions with the many that  spent long hours investigating this issue.  By the way, Thanks for finding and fixing this sticky problem.  You guys did a great job!

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    Hello, our engineers are currently investigating the matter, and Cox is aware that some customers have been impacted by this. When we receive an update from our team, we will follow up with you. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconveniences caused. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator