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New Contributor has grey bars on top and bottom instead of black ones


When watching Contour via recently (using a 13 inch MacBook) I noticed that rather than having black bars at top and bottom the system has some sort of glitch so it is now displaying the top and bottom bars as grey. This is extremely distracting and not the ideal way to watch shows. The top and bottom bars are supposed to be black not grey. Here is a picture comparison: 

Grey Bars (the error the interface is displaying): 

Black Bars (what the interface should and used to look like):

Its a subtle interface error but when you notice it, it is distracting and incorrect. Like I said before, top and bottom bars on video content should (and used to be until recently on pure black bars, not grey. Go here for a better look at the comparison:

Hope you guys can get this fixed or someone could suggest some way to fix this.


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    So I looked at your screen shots and I had a photographer also look at them with me however neither of us were able to see any gray in either screen shot. This might suggest that the bars are either rendering black or absent. If you were to take a screen shots of this and the correct color data was in the pictures it would not look the same on somebody else's PC suggesting that this may be a screen calibration issue with the device you're viewing on.

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      Go to the imgur link I provided and compare the bars to the background color of imgur and I believe you will see that the bars in the one screenshot are not really black. Here is another example: where it is more obvious because the content of the screen has pure black up against the letterbox bars

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        Which screen resolution are you running on your MacBook? I just tested on both a 15 inch laptop screen (running at 1920x1080 or 1366x768) and a 28 inch 4k monitor (running at 3840x2160) but neither of them even have these bars on the screen. When set to full screen, it fills the screen left to right and top to bottom for me.

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