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2 years ago

Volume Changes 3 levels with one push of up/down volume button

I got a new TV yesterday. I paired my Cox remote with the new TV. But if I press the volume button up or down it will go from 20 to 17 to 14 etc or 14 to 17 to 20 etc with only one push of the button? 

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    Try another code to pair your TV.

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    Try the remote that came with the tv, and see if it does the same thing? If not then yes, Bruce has it right, it's not paired correctly and you would need to use a different code. 

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      i’ve only ever watched it on my ipad, through the contour app. it was there a couple weeks ago, and last night and today it’s not.   i don’t know how to repair lol but i’ll try and figure that out. thank you?!