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6 years ago

Very unhappy with Contour 2 - remote useless

If Ihad known that the Contour 2 remote would not work with my HD Tv and Yamaha AV I would never have purcased the “”upgrade”. Very dissatisfied at the moment. Wish I had my old stuff back😖

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  • Don't give up so quickly, Jay. Try the remote codes I provided in your other thread. Let us know how it goes! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I find myself spending more time getting the box to do what i want, sure maybe a few extra seconds or extra buttons but it adds to the overall frustrating experience. 

      The remote needs its own favorite button and its own dvr list button.

      When I enter the channel number (and with this new box we have to press the ok button and thats also annoying) it does not go to my channel unless the guide is set to all channels. Of course everytime I press the guide button the guide feature moves to the right (say, all channels to hd only and so on)

  • I agree. The contour 2 is not an upgrade.  For me there has yet to be anything positive about the box. Its been 2 weeks now and its still a piece of **. Cox is the “Apple” of the world - its only their way, so the customer is forced to live with its limitations.