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7 months ago

Upgrade to Fiber Causes Headaches


I recently upgraded to Cox fiber connection.  This included a new interface box, fiber line, new gateway, new entry point into house.   The old contour box on the TV fed video and audio signals {using HDMI and AV cables ] to the Yamaha RA-X1070 receiver for decoding and av to the Samsung Smart TV via HDMI. The new interface with the Yamaha was a Model SCXl11BEI called the XiOne.  The Yamaha displayed the signal and immediately named this the XiOne source.  The Gateway powers a wired switch so the TVs, the Yamaha, two Nintendo Switches are wired internet vs Wi-Fi.  There is one gateway pod to extend the Wi-Fi field.


With the removal of the AV connection from the old contour box, this killed the signal to the external speaker systems on the Yamaha.  I had hoped the HDMI connection from the XiOne to the Yamaha would be sufficient to provide this signal.   Noted this to the installer and he called supervisor who rendered the judgement it was not Cox's problem. After research I was able to glean from the 170 page Yamaha Manual to set the system to 5.1 and one othe speaker zone and switch on party mode. Had to move one  set of wires to power Speaker Zone 2. This restored the ability to play music in the installed ceiling speakers outside and in three other rooms in the house.  Invested time 30 hours.  So I guess Cox was correct it was my problem.  Still not convinced the 5.1 sound is working.

Remotes had to be paired again and again.  Invested time 2 hours. Don't know why but they seem stable now.  Had to use the fifth code on the Yamaha list.


Multiple loss of internet signal for about 5 minutes.  Seems to be around 2-3 pm on several days.

After 2 days the Yamaha was now displayed Contour meaning some information came down the line and changed the source name.  This unpaired all remotes and caused some other issues to appear.  The most annoying is when all is turned off using the Cox remote (turns off TV and Yamaha simultaneously), the TV (without the AV Receiver on) comes back on in a few minutes.  Found this out by getting up in the morning and finding the TV on displaying last channel watched.  Cox has a Settings/Device Settings/Power Preference called HDMI Device Control (HDMI-CEC) set to on when inspected. I set to off and this may have fixed the issue of the TV coming on but on restart the Yamaha displays XiOne again for the first time in 10 days.  Now expecting more issues with remotes if this switches to Contour again.


Fiber install was clean and straightforward.  Line still not buried. Two remote boxes seem to work OK without any issues.  Panoramic Wi-Fi Pod reconnected after the new Gateway was renamed.

Recordings were saved and not lost.


Does anyone know why the source name changed from XiOne to Contour after two days and if this supposed to happen.