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7 months ago

Unnecessary time to raise prices.

Sounds like they're upping the basic contour package by 10 dollars. Any reason for this? Quality hasn't changed at all to really make this up in price viable. I personally don't think they should be doing this unless they're giving us more to the package but so far I haven't seen anything but a price increase.

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  • Hi, there,. I'm so sorry for the price increase. I know unexpected increases are never welcome and I want to help. Please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. We'd be glad to look into this for you. 

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    Mine was going up close to $100! None of the Cox reps I spoke to could tell me why it went up so much, nor would they disclose how much  I was paying for each thing on my bill, they would only tell me the end total amount.  Finally ended up downgrading to basic, I was on the tier above basic.   Had to update my equipment and the “new” contour 2 is very limiting.  Definitely a step down from the old original contour equipment, lost a lot of basic functions.  How hard is it to put a sleep timer in the app or have the left arrow on the remote serve as a back button? Why do I have to say “back”?  Don’t always want to disturb everyone around me with constant talking to the tv remote. Not well thought out. Also have to use Cox internet modem/router, but I wasn’t told that until the equipment arrived and I called to ask how to return it.  Of course, that is another monthly charge and I have a great modem/router that I bought a few months back, too late to return that, but now I am paying for another one.  Will probably end up cancelling my service, basic has none of the channels I watch, so not worth it, especially with the aggravation of Contour 2 and the modem charge.  Been a customer over 30 years, but I guess that no longer matters to Cox.

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      It's make sense if they were improving something or even adding channels or elss ads. Like I could get behind that. But the cobtour basic literally is getting nothing to give this 10 dollar uppage any reason to stay.