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5 years ago

unique favorites

Just came back to Cox for TV and have the contour 2 in living room and two boxes in bedrooms. Is there a way to have unique 'Favorites' on each box ? I really do not want to see the kids favorites on the master bedroom receiver and they are not really interested in seeing HGTV, Fox News, etc on their receiver.

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  • You're probably out of luck with 2 boxes and 1 DVR.  I have 2 DVR's and still see the kids stuff on the Scheduled shows.  Cox attached a inline filter, but the Tech said..."never had anyone ask for 2 DVR and independent records like the old DVR."  Can you believe that.  How many of you out there had/have 2 old DVR that record totally independently and don't share anything...and actually WANT this setup.  Here is my link, that had no responses, so I guess everyone is happy with what they have.....a shared TV system, whether you have 1 DVR and multiple boxes, or multiple DVR (Contour2, 2max channel record).

    Maybe someone out there has a solution.....I'll be waiting.

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    Hi, with our Contour 2 receivers you don't have the ability to set-up separate profiles; however, there's the option of using the Kid's favorites option in the menu that you may want to teach your children how to access that. That way you're able to use the actual "Favorites" option for your channels. I hope this helps. -Carol