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7 years ago

Unable to change DVR future recording times for all remaining episodes

Sunday evenings seem to be the one day of the week where most of our favorite programs are broadcast. As our plan is the basic, bare bones DVR service we are limited to two simultaneous recordings which, for Sundays, inevitably means altering the times of one or two programs in order to avoid conflicts in recording, requiring re-scheduling of series previously set to record at first-available aired specific times.

However, having once selected a preferred later time for a series and choosing "All Episodes", only the first instance of the broadcast date is changed, and not the remaining episodes, because as the Contour menu choices are now set up there is no option for altering the channel. This has been verified while checking in the "Scheduled" mode, where only the initial individual episode/movie has been changed; all remaining episodes remain at their originally scheduled time and channel.

Most all shows and movies on HBO, Showtime, Starz, Epix or Cinemax are rebroadcasted many times within a seven day period on more than a few of their respective channels. It would be a huge benefit to Cox customers, who by the nature and built-in limitations of only two simultaneous recordings, might be able to successfully toggle future recordings without the additional need to duplicate their efforts every week for each and every program/movie so as to avoid recording conflicts.

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  • Hi chaloots,

    I can understand having to adjust saved recordings to avoid conflicts on a DVR 2 tuner for Sunday's saved recordings. When you attempt to change the scheduled recording "channel" are you attempting to change the saved recordings by pressing Contour then Saved, or are you accessing the Guide and adjusting the saved recording?

    If you access the recordings through the guide, do you see that you can adjust All episodes this way, or is it functioning the same as you do through using the Contour menu, then clicking OK on Saved?