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6 years ago

Typical shyster cable company

Signed up for new service.  Cable TV and internet bundle.  Price quoted, $89.99 per month.  I understand and expected the addional monthly state tax, franchise fees, etc.... a total of about $7, but now on the first bill there's an additional $23 "additional TV" charge.  This isn't for a physical additional TV, but rather cable box rental, broadcast surcharge, and regional sports surcharge.  NOT ONE WORD of this extra charge at sign up time.  I specifically asked it the $89.99 was the total bill. Response was "there will be FCC, state, E911 taxes that will be added, but no way to tell me what they would amount to."  This is the extra $7, I understand that.  But once the hook is set Cox pulls an extra $23 out of their butts to add to the bill.  If Cox was up front about it, and told me the bill would be $120 per month instead of the approximate $97 and there was this "hidden charge" that would be be included when I signed up, I would not be upset.   Unfortunately it isn't until I see the first bill that this $23 extra charge is made apparent.  Obviously not illegal, but clearly a bait and switch company full of liars and scammers.

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    Hi Scarecrow4257, we would like to extend our apologies on behalf of the Cox family, as this is not the type of experience we want for our new customers. We can certainly investigate this incident further, and have this forwarded over to our Customer Relation Team. If you'd like for us to assist with any billing questions or concerns, please kindly include a link to this forum thread and email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator